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If you’re in the market to sell your land or home, you’re not alone. Census Bureau data indicates that Americans move an average of 11.7 times in their lifetime. This drives a lot of home selling. Additionally, Americans work hard to plan for retirement and often plans change when retirement-time comes. This is what drives a lot of land selling.

If you need to sell your land or house for any reason we can help you. We are a private real estate acquisition company and we buy land and houses. If you have land, acreage, or a house that you need to sell fast, we are interested in buying it!

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We buy land and houses

Can you relate to any the following questions regarding your property?

  • Did you have plans to retire in this area, but changed your mind and now you feel stuck with your property?
  • Did you inherit your property, but you have no intention of moving to that area and now you are having trouble selling the property and are burdened by the property taxes you must pay?
  • When you bought the house or land did they promise you that the area would be developed into something like the next Palm Springs, but you soon realized that nothing could be further from the truth?
  • Are you just holding on to your property because you think selling it is too much of a hassle?
  • Do you no longer have use for your land?
  • Would you simply like some cash for your land?
  • Are you sick of wasting money on taxes and dues?
  • Not sure about how or where to sell your land?
  • Are you looking for a hassle free solution to selling land?
  • Are you tired of waiting months or years for your land to sell?

If you are considering selling your property, WE WANT TO BUY IT. We are not interested in listing your property for you, but we do want to buy your property now and are prepared to pay cash for it.

Using a realtor or FSBO to sell your land

If you’d rather use a traditional realtor to sell your land and take your chances on the market, be sure to check out our Pro Partners blog for tips on choosing a realtor.

Our blog also includes articles on how to stage your land in case you’re more of a DIY’er. You read that correctly: Land should be staged when it’s marketed. It’s like staging a house for sale, but it’s land. DIY’ers will want to browse our Tool Tips blog as well.

How to sell your property to us

We buy land and homes fast and for cash. We don’t ask you to do anything to the property first, you won’t have to pay Realtor Fees, and we’ll even pay the closing costs! Then we create impressive homes (and stage land) that we rent or sell at discounts to modest families looking for the American dream.

We strive to make the sale process very easy for you so that we can help others. If you would like to have cash in exchange for your property, complete our Sell Your Property form to let us know and we’ll contact you right away!

This video explains how we purchase property…

From the Property Masters blog

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Tool Tips

Tool Tips articles include do-it-yourself (DIY) tips and projects. You’ll also find info on how to pick the best tool as well as tool reviews from our team.

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Pro Partners

Our Pro Partners section is wide ranging: guides for working with builder, ordering percolation tests, interview questions for hiring realtors and much more.